The Arkenstone Collection

Allocation Collection membership is very limited and is offered based on availability. By becoming a member of the Arkenstone Collection, you will be sure not to miss a vintage due to the wines being sold out. We will have 3 tiers with limited available sign ups for each tier.

Spring Shipment

Arkenstone Estate Sauvignon Blanc
Arkenstone Coliseum Block Cabernet Sauvignon.

Fall Shipment

Arkenstone Estate Obsidian
Arkenstone NVD Cabernet Sauvignon
Arkenstone Estate Syrah (Epilithic and Lithosphere selections only)

All members will receive an automatic shipment upon release of all wines in chosen tier. Member benefits include complimentary tasting and tours, invitation to our seasonal party, priority approval for wish list wines, and access to select previously released Arkenstone library wines.

The Lithic Selection

3 pack of each offering within the selection.

The Epilithic Selection

6 pack of each offering within the selection
plus a 3 pack allocation of Syrah.

The Lithosphere Selection

12 pack of each offering within the selection
plus a 6 pack allocation of Syrah.